Domestic Help Management Made Simple

by admin

Are you looking for a Domestic Help to help you with chores at your home?
ADDA is here to help you find the right Help!

Find & Appoint Domestic Help

With the ADDA App, it is easy to find new domestic help for your home. List of all available domestic help in your community along with neighbour recommendations is now available right in the ADDA App. You can read the reviews given by your neighbours, analyse and then shortlist as per your preference.

Where can you find this in the ADDA App: Open the App > “More” from bottom footer > My Gatekeeper > Helpers.

domestic help management

Attendance & Domestic Help Notifications

Once you have added a domestic help to your Apartment/Villa, you will start receiving a notification when the Help enters/ leaves your community gate. You can opt to not receive entry-exit notifications if you wish to. Attendance will be automatically marked when the help enters your community. You also have the option to manually mark them absent/present and track their attendance.

Reviews & Gift Pass

Happy with your domestic help’s performance? Give your review on the ADDA app and help your staff get good visibility among your neighbours. If you are giving sweet boxes or other gift packages to your staff, don’t forget to add a Gift Pass in the ADDA app so that your domestic help does not face any issues during exit-level security check at gate.

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