Planning To Conduct Online AGM of Your Society?

In the New Normal of COVID-19, social distancing is the key consideration for all public gathering. The sacrosanct Annual General Meeting is approaching and several Management Committee members are already asking the question – How do we do it this year? Considering the majority of professional meetings have already shifted to cyber platforms, online AGM seems to be the natural progression. 

Things To Remember To Conduct An Online AGM

Housing societies and apartment complexes complete their Accounting Finalisations by May-June and AGMs get done by July-September.

Most Bye-Laws mandate AGMs to happen with Members present in person..

If your Community wishes to conduct a virtual AGM, you could consider the below:

  • Conduct a GBM (General Body meeting) for a Single Agenda – Resolution to Conduct AGM online. Include in the Resolution that the AGM Notice will be sent Online, a Video Conferencing Tool will be utilised, Minutes of the Meetings will be Recorded and Published online. Make the Resolution part of your By-Laws. You could do this meeting in person – in an open area of the community, maintaining social distancing.
  • On the “Meeting Tracker” of ADDA, create the AGM Meeting – Set up Individual Agenda Items. Select “Owners” as the Attendees. Automatic Emails will go to them about the meeting. 
Create Meeting
  • Post an Online Notice on ADDA about the AGM Date and Mode of attending it.
  • Send the Online AGM invitation to your Auditor so he/she could also attend from the safety of their home.
  • On the AGM date, send SMS reminder to all Owners, along with the link to join the Online meeting.
  • On the Date of the AGM, take notes on the “Meeting Tracker” of ADDA against each Agenda. 
AGM Agenda
  • Once the Meeting is complete, mark the Minutes of Meeting on “Meeting Tracker” as Finalised and all Attendees will automatically receive the Minutes.

That’s it! You just completed your Fiduciary Duty, while providing maximum Safety as well as Transparency to your Members! Salut! 

Planning to conduct the Society Election also online? Check out the Secret Ballot Feature of ADDA!

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