The Unsung Community Guardians


To stay away from your family for work, especially during a pandemic – we simply cannot imagine how heartbreaking that must feel. But you get to see them all around you. They don’t make fuss or any noise about their conditions – they accept their obligations and quietly work for their families and the community without expecting much in return. Today, we present to you stories of unsung, underrated heroes who served their community selflessly. It’s time we bring such people into the spotlight and get them the recognition they truly deserve!

Rise High - Pramuk Aqua

Through thick and thin, these COVID champions stayed by their community. Mr. Praveen being the estate manager and Mr. Nagaraj overlooking maintenance and housekeeping staff. One of them stayed back every 30-45 days or to take care of any repairs. Despite their families staying far away, they would be available for conducting any repairs with just a call away. During the first couple of weeks in lockdown, they faced a shortage of vegetable vendors. However, they swiftly managed to get a third-party vendor inside the house and maintained distance. To maintain physical distance between the residents, they even drew coloured footprints within the premises maintaining the apt social distancing figures!

Rise High - Praneeth Pranav Homes

It is heartwarming to see so many communities donating groceries or other essentials to the underprivileged during the pandemic. In Praneeth Pranav Homes too, this noble deed was spearheaded by the COVID heroes. They supplied groceries to the vegetable vendors around the community. As a team, they even collected cash and gave it to people who needed money during the crisis. The community was reliant on borewell water for their daily needs as it is situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Our benevolent nominees interacted with officials and arranged for a proper water source during the pandemic. Whenever there were positive cases in the community, Mr. Nagabhushan and Mr. Malla Reddy – senior members of the association, would send positive and reassuring messages on all communication channels to keep up the morale of the residents.

Rise High - Raghavendra's Panchajanya

Everyone deserves some recognition and appreciation for their service from time to time. The Security and Housekeeping Staff of Raghavendra’s Panchajanya Apartments were in a tussle about the pandemic – “Should we resume our work? What if we encounter the virus?” However, Mr. Rakesh made them aware of the different aspects of COVID spread which served as a relief for the staff. They continued their services in no time. The security ensured that COVID protocols were neatly followed by delivery personnel at the gate. For risking their health and prioritizing their duties towards the community, the security and housekeeping staff received special concessions and rewards from the residents. They were presented with a bonus of one month’s salary for their outstanding service during the crisis!

Rise High - Provident Harmony

It’s one thing to have a team to support and help you manage things during a pandemic. But it’s another thing altogether to manage it all alone. Mr. Akhaya Roul, who oversees plumbing and electricity in Provident Harmony exceeded everyone’s expectations with his service. He was prompt in resolving plumbing and electricity issues in the community. There were times when he wanted to go home, but the pandemic made him stay back in the premises itself. Still, he carried out all his responsibilities with a warm smile on his face. There were times when he even refused to charge money for some services and paid bills from his own pocket. It’s so refreshing to find people with such a positive and jolly attitude during times of distress!

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