COVID Features in ADDA to Fight Omicron

COVID Features in ADDA to Fight Omicron

Relevant to Users in India

As the COVID cases rise due to the Omicron variant, more urban municipalities seek enforcement of COVID restrictions by Apartment Owners Associations / Housing Societies / RWAs.

Ensure your Association is equipped with the tools they need to keep their community safe, listing here the features in ADDA – The Apartment Super-App – that are tailor-made for the purpose of fighting COVID.

1. Collecting Deliveries at the Gate

With rising COVID Cases, the rise in online ordering also takes place. This means increased traffic of outsiders – i.e, delivery agents – inside the community. This increases the risk of infection due to crowding in closed areas like Elevators. This also increases the Sanitisation and Verification Effort (temperature, vaccination status) on part of the Community. 

Keeping these in mind most Govt Circulars advise collecting such Deliveries at the Gate. Residents can collect such Deliveries from the Gate.

This needs a robust system of recording such Deliveries and ensuring undisputed collection.

The “Collect Deliveries at the Gate” in the ADDA GateKeeper App does exactly this.

Please read more about this Feature here –

2. Capture Temperature of Visitors and Domestic Staff Entering the Community

In the ADDA GateKeeper App, When entering a Visitor Check-In or Domestic Staff / Association Staff Check-in, the Temperature can also be recorded.

This information reaches as Notification to the Host (Resident) whose home the Visitor or Staff is visiting. It gives reassurance to the Host that the Visitor is safe.

Read more about this feature here –

3. Capture “Fully Vaccinated” Status of Visitors

Latest Govt. Circulars are advising verification of Vaccination status of Visitors entering the Community.

This can be recorded while entering the Visitor record.

Read more about this Feature –

4. Let Residents Self-Declare Quarantine Using “Quarantine Tracker”

As more homes face Symptoms or Positive Results, they choose to Self Quarantine and inform the Association. Most Associations have necessary services to support them.

So if your Home is entering Quarantine, you can update the “Quarantine Tracker” in your ADDA!

Kindly read more feature-related information here –

We continue to work towards strengthening the hands of your Management Committee / Owners Association Managers, who are toiling to keep the Community safe!

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