Water Management for Apartments – On CitizenMatters & The Hindu!

by Vishnu

CitizenMatters, our media partner for The Water Workshop has posted a curtain raiser article on The Water Workshop.


“With borewells running dry and no Cauvery water in sight, alarmed apartment and residential communities are looking at RWH alternatives, especially now that BWSSB has made all buildings RWH mandatory from November 1st this year.”….

Full article:


The Hindu features an article written by S. Vishwanath – Rain Water Club, our Content Partner for The Water Workshop.


“Apartments are the new reality of urban living. One of the key challenges is to meet the water supply demand to keep all the amenities working. Here is a small checklist that apartment owners, associations and builders need to keep in mind so that the taps in the flats do not run dry

* Since multiple sourcing will be the order of the day, make sure that the sustainability of sources is kept in mind when connecting systems. In simple terms, will water continue to come from the main pipelines? Will the borewells continue to give good quality of water for the next 20 years? Is the apartment designed well for water tankers to come in and empty their loads systematically without disturbing the residents or the neighbourhood?.” …

You bet we are looking forward to the workshop on Sunday!

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