Waste Management for Apartments – HOW

by Vishnu

This is a sequel to our earlier post: Waste Management for Apartments – WHAT

In this post you will find 2 success stories from Bangalore, and loads of resources to learn from and re-use.

Success Story 1: Diamond District. Project Green Diamond


Diamond District – the 917 unit Apartment Complex located on Old Airport Road used to send out 1 Truck load of MIXED WASTE every day (2000KG).


How did they do it?

Resources that you can Reuse

The below link contains Promotional Posters, Stickers etc. RBDD (Rotary Bangalore Diamond District) is happy to share with other RWAs/individuals for appropriate Re-use.


Success Story 2: Brigade Millennium – MayFlower Block


Brigade Millenium has an issue: A chute at each floor where Residents can dump their garbage, which collects in the chute room in the basement. Enforcing Waste Segregation is a challenge due to this chute. Brigade Millenium doesn’t just aim to segregate but also compost the wet waste as well.


How did they do it?

Do you too have a Success Story to share?  Please share it with other RWAs; send it to support@apartmentadda.com.

What else can you do as a community, for the environment. Here are a few possibilities.

Credits: We thank Poonam Kasturi & Vinita from Daily Dump, Shalini Charles from Diamond District and Aarti Manay from Brigade Millenium for these resources.

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