Happy Holi! – Notice Template

by Vishnu

Dear Cultural Committees,

While Residents get ready with their Pichkaris and Colours, you have to get the Notice ready to guide Residents towards a Happy Holi for everyone!

Here is a Short ‘n’ Sweet Notice Template that you can re-use!


Sharlow Apartments Owners Association wishes our Members a Happy Holi in Advance! This festival of colours falls on 19-March-2010 (Saturday) and we request everyone to follow a few Guidelines for Happy Holi for EVERYONE!

The Theme this Holi is Water Conservation for Sure! World Water day is on 22-March  – just a few days from Holi..

Do’s and Dont’s:

  1. Play only in the designated areas. The Designated Areas are:
  2. Keep common area and walls free of color.
  3. Use only Gulal and other easily removable dry colors.
  4. Don’t use water balloons.
  5. Co-operate with housekeeping staff for cleanliness.

Tips & Suggestions:

  1. Consider wearing dresses that can be disposed and not washed with precious water
  2. Oil your hair & skin , so that color can be removed easily.
  3. Bring some sweets and snacks to be enjoyed by Neighbours!

Holi Hai!!

Best Wishes from

Sharlow Apartment Owners Association


Note: Sharlow Apartment Owners Association is a hypothetical Association, used by ADDA for demo purposes.  In case this Association exists, and you belong to it, do let us know! (if not anything else, you can treat us at a place of our choice!)

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