Estate Manager Workshop- III

by Vishnu

Date: 16-Sep-2011. Venue: ezone Club, Bangalore. A group of 74 highly talented Estate Managers get together on a day full of Intellectual Exchange (also called “Adda” in Bengali : ) ) related to Facility Management.

The first half of the workshop started with a Meet ‘n’ Greet and Welcome Address from Venkat Kandaswamy – CTO of ADDA, who presented the role of ADDA as an enabler in the Ecosystem of Facility Management. This was followed by an introduction to ADDA and a thorough training on the Communication Tools of ADDA. The next training session on the HelpDesk application of ADDA saw some robust discussion regarding best practices in handling of Complaints, logging them, and deriving intelligence from the data related to Complaints.

After this session, a guest lecture from Dr. Pradeep of ISS HiCare on the topic ‘Termites – the Silent Invaders‘ was well received by the Audience with many related knowledge sharing on pest control (e.g., Removal of Bee-Hives, Pigeon infestation etc.)

After the sumptuous lunch, one would expect the enthusiastic group to have picked up some slack. Quite to the contrary, the most interactive session was experienced where 4 teams presented “Methodical Problem Solving Approach” based on 4 practical emergencis. From the first team, Mr. Srinivasan, Estate Manager of Salarpuria Serenity presented Resolution Approach for the scenario – Basement Car-Park flooded by Sewage Tank overflow. The 2nd team, led by Mr. Viond, Estate Manager of Purva Fountainsquare had a tough deal – A lone elderly person suffers a heart attack. The 3rd team had to present on the scenario – Child of 6 years trapped alone in an Elevator. The final topic – Fire on the 15th floor of a 20 floor building – originated from kitchen, was presented by Mr. Nadgouda of Brigade Gateway.  The presentation method was to first list the top 3 problems that will faced due to this scenario, and then list the Problem Resolution Approach exactly in 5 steps, in sequential order.

The quality of technical discussion that followed each topic was simply awesome. E.g., for the third topic – child trapped in Elevator, discussion covered the latest technology for Elevator safety as well as what is the manual alternative in case the automation fails. In case of the topic related to Lone Elderly person suffering heart attack, discussions happened regarding the value of a good Member Database for such emergency situations.

The Audience voted Team 2 as the winner! Mr. Vinod and rest of the 11 members were presented the prizes.

The next session – on Accounting, covered the basics of Society Accounting, and then dealt with the full training of ADDA’s Society Accounting modules. Lively discussions happened around Audit Logs, Ease of Transaction Entry and availability of the Dues information to the Estate Manager.

Moments - EMW III

The final session – on Asset Maintenance, started with the training on ADDA‘s Asset Tracker, and concluded with sharing of best practices regarding Regulations related to Assets such as Transformer (the discussion was around, who owns the Transformer – BESCOM, or the society, who is responsible for replacement of burnt feeders..), STP, and the Generator.

Then came the most awaited session – announcement of Top 3 Estate Managers – as recognized by their Management Committee. Mr. Raja from Purva Riviera, Mr. Siddanna from Adarsh Residency and Mr. Vinod from Purva FountainSquare were presented the certificates, with wide appreciation from Estate Managers present.

The workshop then concluded with Photo Sessions, where many Estate Managers wanted to take back the memories of this fun & knowledge filled day!

ADDA team thanks all Estate Managers who took their day off for this Workshop, as well as the Management Committee members who encouraged their Estate Managers to attend the workshop.

Do check out the Feedback from Estate Managers here:

ADDA Estate Managers Workshop III

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