Housing Society Diwali – Readymade Notice

by Vishnu

Dear Cultural Committee!

In a week your Housing Society is going to be lit up like a Bride and Residents are going to be out enjoying the Festival of Lights!

Here is a ready-made Notice for  Safe Diwali Guidelines that you could customize for your Apartment Complex and put up on the Notice Board!

Wishing a Beautiful and Safe Diwali for your Housing Society!


Sharlow Apartment Owners Association wishes our Members a Happy Diwali in Advance! On this auspicious festival of lights that our Community gathers to celebrate together, we request everyone to follow a few Guidelines for Happy Diwali for EVERYONE!

1. Store your FireCrackers safely, away from children and sources of fire.

2. Dispose the used FireCrackers safely, in the designated area.

3. Wear well fitting clothes without loose ends. Avoid synthetic clothes.

4. Buy Fireworks of reputed brands.

5. Do not bring Pets to the Fireworks Area. Please keep them indoors away from the sudden brightness and noises.

6. Though Society will make arrangement for fire emergencies, each family can also keep a bucket of water handy in case a burn or fire incident occurs.

7. As a Society we have decided to be Noise-Free this Diwali. Please cooperate in making this Diwali a Festival of Lights and not a Festival of Noise. Noisy Crackers are NOT welcome. <optional>

The Designated Time Period for bursting FireCrackers are:  8AM to 10PM

The Designated Area(s) for bursting FireCrackers are:


In case of an injury, a First Aid Box will be available at:


In case of a fire incident please call the following number and inform immediately:


Happy Diwali!!

Cultural Committee,

Sharlow Apartment Owners Association

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