Societies Registration & Apartment Ownership Acts

by Vishnu

ADDA Users have urged us multiple times to provide a comprehensive repository of the Societies Registration Acts and Apartment Ownership Acts as present in the major Indian Cities. These documents are needed frequently by newly forming Housing Societies, Management Committees of Housing Societies,  Professionals who help in registration of Associations, Property Lawyers, Housing Society Auditors and Apartment Owners who wish to be better informed.

While all these Acts are available in Hardcopies, the softcopies on the Internet are hard to find. Even if they are found, they are in distributed locations; so anyone who is researching these documents need to do a good amount of Google’ing.  We hope this comprehensive list will help in making this search for knowledge easier.


The Andhra Pradesh Apartments (Promotion of Construction and Ownership) Act, 1987. CLICK HERE.

The Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001. CLICK HERE.


The Delhi Apartment Ownership Act, 1986. CLICK HERE.

The Delhi Societies Registration Act, 1860. CLICK HERE.


The Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act, 1972. CLICK HERE.

The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. CLICK HERE.


The Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act, 1970. CLICK HERE.

The Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act, 1960. CLICK HERE.

The Maharashtra Societies Registration Act, 1860. CLICK HERE.

The Maharashtra Society Registration Rules, 1971. CLICK HERE.

The Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Society Bye-Laws. CLICK HERE.


The Tamil Nadu Apartment Ownership Act, 1994. CLICK HERE.

The Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975. CLICK HERE.


The West Bengal Apartment Ownership Act, 1972. CLICK HERE.

The West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. CLICK HERE.

DISCLAIMER: These documents are being furnished for your information and reference. It is part of an initiative by ADDA to provide in a consolidated way all the Apartment Owners Acts and Societies Acts of major cities in India, so it helps the Apartment Residents for reference. The content has been received from sources we believe to be reliable, and the content have not been independently verified by us, hence we make no warranty about the accuracy or completeness of these documents. Also ADDA does not assume any liability for any damage caused due to action taken or not taken on basis of these documents.

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vswami November 30, 2012 - 3:27 pm

Kerala finds no mention in the Related Posts. Is there any special enactment, a comprehensive one, in Kerala, despite the fact that in cities like Cochin, there has lately been a spurt in construction of, and sale of ‘units’ in, multistoried buildings ?

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