Testimonial – Brigade Metropolis

by Ashika

Anil Danti President (2011-12) Brigade Metropolis

Anil Danti,President ,Brigade Metropolis
“Maintenance collection improved by 60%. Accountant, Property Manager time utilization improved to great extent”
ADDA team has been of immense help in getting our campus data management online in a short span. Their approach      to us has always been how to help us to make it better. Several features we requested were developed and implemented in no time, due to which our trust on ADDA has increased. Website uptime has been excellent, I must say I have never seen it going down even though several features got implemented. We are using most of the features extensively and it has helped us reduce printing and paper cost. Accountant and property manager time utilization has improved to a great extent. Earlier to pull out any report, it used to take several man hours. Now with ADDA, we are able to pull the data at any point in time.
Our maintenance collection has also improved to great extent after implementation of invoicing through ADDA. 60% of the defaulters made the payments after invoice implementation. We are also able to collect and track all the penalties, move in/move outs etc in a streamlined manner. Communication to the residents and owners has improved due to nice features like email, flash and SMS.
There are other features like inventory, purchase requests that we are trying to implement and we are hoping that will strengthen the whole process.We from Brigade Metropolis Association are very happy with the service and support that we received from ADDA team.

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