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Message from Kalpana Kar, from WakeUp CleanUp Bengaluru.


Dear Friend,

The Kasa Muktha program has been launched in 22 wards by the Chief Minister and BBMP has promised segregation at source with destination bound processing to begin in  22 wards.

The List of these wards is attached along with the names of the MLA, Corporator and also the name of the Senior BBMP Officer who is designated to Mentor the Ward. A short PPT on what is Kasa Muktha is also attached for reference.

The stage is set for us to now engage RWAs and citizens and ensure we have representation across the wards as eyes and ears to monitor adherence to the Kasa Muktha Processes and suggest ways to better these given all the heterogenous conditions at ground level.

This is an appeal to reach out to people in your neighbourhoods, to friends in these 22 wards and get them to volunteer.

BBMP is announcing a Shuchi Mitra program and the City needs at least 10- 15 active citizens in each ward to step out and support segregation. An enlistment drive will break out in a day or so, but please recommend and mail names and contacts to so we can reach out to invite them for an orientation and to commit to a Kasa Muktha Bengaluru  where we all segregate … households, shops, PKs and  work towards cleaner neighbourhoods.

If you can spare some time, the City needs you. Needs those who are passionate about waste. Passionate about citizen engagement. Passionate about change and passionate about recycling.

Best Regards,
Kalpana Kar

What is Kasa Muktha Ward

22 Kasamutha Wards_ Piloted Form 29-07-2013 to 08-08-2013

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