Whitefield Rising ADDA

by Vishnu
Whitefield Rising ADDA

Whitefield Rising ADDA

We are happy to announce the formation of the Apex ADDA: Whitefield Rising ADDA, in collaboration with the Whitefield Rising group!

This Apex ADDA consists of Management Committee (MC) members of all ADDAs that are located in Whitefield.

All current MC members show up on this Apex ADDA automatically and they can communicate within themselves.

There is no Moderator of this Forum, no one can add a Member, unless the new person is marked as a MC Member in their respective ADDA.

This means the 400+ MC members you see on the Whitefield Rising ADDA are all genuine Office Bearers of the respective Apartment Complexes!

And Yes!, you can communicate with them individually as well.

Goal of Apex ADDA: To bring together the MC members of various Apartment Complexes in a specific Neighbourhood, so they can work together to help their Neighbourhood Rise High!

How can you be part of Whitefield Rising ADDA

a) Your Apartment Complex needs to be in Whitefield

b) It needs to have an ADDA – on any package of ADDA including the Basic one.

c) You need to be marked as a MC member (Admin  > Manage Users > Edit your User record)

That’s it, you automatically see “Whitefield Rising ADDA” on your “Switch ADDA” dropdown, as well as start getting all emails from this Apex ADDA.

Here’s wishing every Neighborhood to Rise High!

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