BEING KIND: Little acts of kindness that will warm your heart!

by adda

The COVID crisis brought so many ups and downs in our lives. Our COVID heroes not only managed to arrange for the basic supplies, but they also lent us a shoulder to lean on during times of distress. It made us realise how much a little support from another fellow human can mean to us, especially during times like these. By reading these stories, it has definitely reinforced our faith in humanity.

Sobha Forestview

What looks so simple on the outside isn’t actually so simple on the inside. Mr. Sudarshan Acharya, Mr. Muralidhar M N & Team helped 100+ international and interstate families during mandatory isolation period. But what’s interesting to note here, are the innovative practices to maintain healthy living – token systems for club house/provision store and seamless check in process for outstation residents are two such outstanding initiatives. They also trained/retrained all internal staff (120+ security, housekeeping staff) periodically, to ensure they understand revised government norms and apartment specific guidelines to be adhered to. They ensured a steady supply of wheelchair, stretcher and oxygen cylinder availability in case of emergency. It is no wonder that they received appreciation from Police officials on their overall approach and action towards the pandemic.

The kind of presence and involvement Mr. Venkata Ramana showed certainly filled the residents’ heart with pride. He ensured his availability – 18*7 (18 hours a day for seven days in week) for the implementation of an action plan decided by the association. He Interfaced with BBMP and Police Officials with reference to the COVID action plan, that helped the management committee focus on other priority items. He also coordinated with the BBMP for COVID test and catered to the needs of over 150 residents.

As a treasurer, Mr. Raghavendar Medisetty achieved 7.6% reduction in the financial year 2019-2020 year and achieved 12.5% reduction in maintenance charges from April 2020 to September 2020. Thus Mr. Medisetty helped residents to reduce the overall cost of living in COVID times. This was followed by some exceptionally well thought out financial strategies. The budget was re-structured and allocated across sub-committees (existing ones like housekeeping, electrical, water, as well as for the new ones such as civil works). He worked closely with sub committees with respect to vendor contractor negotiations and helped to sustain/reduce the overall cost in this area. He worked closely with key stakeholders for execution and compliance. While there are other levers which led to the maintenance charges reduction, Mr. Medisetty played a pivotal role in cost design, contract negotiations and focus on initiative execution. 

Mr. Kiran Kumar GS and Mr. Chandrasekhar BN built the right (cost, convenience and care) ecosystem for Sobha Forest view residents. Sobha Forest View became the lead partner with CMKR – Change Makers of Kanakapura Road (CMKR), a consortium of 75-80 Resident Welfare Associations, spread across Kanakapura Road from Sarakki Junction to Nice Road. This initiative covers roughly 3750 apartments/houses and the cost of operations (Rs. 60 per apartment/house per month) was equitably shared between all RWAs. Kiran and Chandra played a crucial role throughout the process – identifying service providers, negotiating the contract and finally being one of the lead volunteers to support all 3750+ households.

In September 2020, they signed an exclusive contract with Apollo Hospitals as their Preferred Care Service Provider that got upto 20% discounts in health investigations, consultation and diagnosis. In October, they tied up with an exclusive contract with mFine, a health-tech company that offers an AI-powered online consultation with specialists. This initiative brought special discounts to the residents on all services offered by the company. This was an important initiative during COVID as residents were trying to minimise external exposure, especially visits to hospitals. Apart from these achievements, they also spearheaded following important initiatives:

– Donated daily essentials to frontline Covid warriors (Police, BBMP pourakarmiks and inhouse staff).

– They Joined hands with the police to feed 3000+ daily wages labourers.

Mr. Kiran’s and Mr. Chandrashekhar’s efforts have definitely made them our role models for community management during a crisis.

Pearl Celestial

In Pearl Celestial, a system was created for the security gate wherein people could safely collect parcels and track any visitors. Due to certain COVID related deaths in the community, the atmosphere was grim. However, both the ladies ensured that friends and relatives of the deceased were provided with incredible moral support. When your own neighbours and community residents become a part of your family, there is nothing more one can ask for in a pandemic.

Classic Sapphire

Giri Rajpal, the security guard of the society had the perfect attitude to deal with unnecessary visitors during the crisis. Soft and polite, he performed his duties gracefully. Despite being down with an illness, John Rodrigues kept a watchful eye on the overall functioning of the society. Giri paid money from his own pocket to the delivery personnel when residents were caught up with responsibilities. This act of kindness melted our hearts for sure!

Sobha Amethyst

Francis personally looked after hospitalization of COVID positive patients and provided special care for senior cities. He coordinated with a community of apartments, Panchayat and local hospitals to conduct 10-15 testing camps in the community. Whenever there were COVID related demises in the community, Francis handled the formalities and rituals in a very sensitized and streamlined manner. With support like this from community members, it’s easier to get through tough times.

That brings us to the end of this Rise High Story Collection. Stay tuned, as we have more moving stories of COVID heroes coming up next. Until then, Rise High! 

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