THERE IS NO ‘I’ IN TEAM : COVID management teams who conquered the Pandemic!


Great teams are not built in a single day. During the pandemic, the management committees of these communities provided quick solutions to problems and beautifully executed the action plans for COVID management. With strong community support systems like these, residents could blindly leave it up to the management teams to create comfortable, safe and risk free environments.

Solving problems in the middle of a crisis requires a quick presence of mind. The nominees from Foundation Silver Springs encountered all sorts of challenges during the pandemic. A Sewage Treatment Plant located near the community had started causing technical issues. This would have posed an additional risk to the residents in a pandemic, had it not been for the nominees, who dealt with the issue within half a day. There were other minor issues too – but quick thinking and prompt action saved the community from running into any major problems. As if surviving a pandemic wasn’t tough enough? The strength of these champions to deal with additional issues during a pandemic is impeccable!

Every residential community has a management committee. But how often do you find good leaders in every committee? Mrs. Namrata Nayak, the President of ETA Star – The Garden’s Management Committee displayed outstanding leadership in her community during the COVID crisis. She arranged accommodation and groceries for electricians and plumbers so that their service would be available in the community without the risk of COVID spread. Many residents complained and fought with her against the strict rules and regulations imposed during the lockdown. She stood firm by the rules and did not allow any rules to be broken. The community had a committee for COVID management which consisted of 25-30 members. She regularly met up with the committee for their ideas and suggestions on COVID management initiatives and implemented them. Now that is a mark of a good leader!

During the COVID crisis it was hard for many apartment communities to arrange for the basic necessities. There were cases of shortages and panic buying. However, Mr. Dinesh’s swift and timely communication ensured no one had to wait for getting the required supplies. He ensured that no one panicked when there was a positive case in the community by maintaining complete transparency of health updates of patients. In fact, he created and marked certain places in the residential blocks for residents where they could talk to each other while maintaining distance. This way, no one felt isolated or lonely when they were quarantined. It’s great to see our hero’s thoughtful approach and involvement during times like these.

Going out of the way to arrange little things for someone in a crisis is a blessing. Mr. Mahesh and Mr. Dileep executed top notch execution of COVID protocols in the community. Even when the manpower was limited, they arranged for all services to ensure that the society would not fall short of anything. When a family in the community was tested positive during the initial days of the lockdown, there weren’t enough beds available in the hospital to admit them. Enter our COVID heroes – they made efforts to reach out to influential people and provided them with required medical support and ensured the family was not overcharged. They even helped the family with insurance. They rewarded and recognized the efforts of the support and security staff too. It’s true what they say – where there is a will, there is a way!

That brings us to the end of this Rise High Story Collection. Stay tuned, as we have more moving stories of COVID heroes coming up next. Until then, Rise High!

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