Apartment Security Guidelines for Residents

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Apartment security guidelines

What is the need for Apartment security guidelines

It’s obvious that all luxurious Gated Communities have their Apartment security guidelines and protocols in place to protect its residents and safeguard it’s precious amenities like the swimming pool, garden, parks, gymnasium etc. from any external threats or damage. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that as security systems evolve, criminals and their crimes also keep up with the changing security measures.

A majority of the residents belong to the working population which means 80% of their day they are too busy to notice much. This leaves their home vulnerable to miscreants who can easily enter the community under a false guise. When their relatives or loved ones belong to both the elderly and children’s age group, the worry naturally increases.

Then, you have the domestic and in-house staff who visit our homes daily. The domestic staff have the permission to enter the communities and have access to our flats on an everyday basis. A majority of the time, these workers are trustworthy and sincere about their duties. Most of them come from marginalised or economically backward communities. However, it’s better to never let your guard down, no matter who it is. The presence of good security measures will in fact, make people think twice before committing any crimes. 

While we have a number of blogs providing useful tips and suggestions to up your Apartment security guidelines, this blog combines all of these measures and brings them under one title. Below, you can find a concise guide on what measures to implement at the gate, inside our homes and within the premises. 

Apartment security guidelines at the Gate: 

  • Gated communities are called so for a reason. The entrance of any Gated Community becomes the most important in terms of Apartment security guidelines. It is where your security guards are stationed. Everyday, you have a number of people entering and exiting these gates like guests of residents, delivery personnel, cab drivers, apartment staff who work for the complex and apartments. With such a wide array of visitors coming in and going out, a society maintenance app like ADDA Gatekeeper that comes with a visitor tracking system becomes crucial. No, we’re not talking about keeping countless Gate ledgers and books to make a note of the entry and exit timings of visitors. Visitor management systems in today’s day and age pretty much look like an app on a smartphone that makes this tedious task seem like a breeze. Find out how, here.
  • CCTV cameras are an integral part of Apartment security guidelines not only in housing communities but also in offices, shops, malls, places of worship, roads etc. However, CCTV cameras are easily damageable and tamperable. Not to mention, they’re expensive to set up and require regular maintenance and repairs. They’re stronger when paired with a Society maintenance app like ADDA Gatekeeper that tracks movement and alerts residents in case of any threats. Sounds like someone/something intruding your privacy? Fret not. ADDA Gatekeeper does this without breaching your privacy. 
  • Some of the best communities with the best security protection have strategically integrated both hardware and software measures as part of their overall security system. 

Some of the hardware elements include Boom Barriers, walkthrough metal detectors, and Biometric Attendance Recorders. You can read about how each one of them leads to flawless security protection and their costs here

Inside the Premises: 

While it is essential to protect society infrastructure from any harm or damage, among residents, children and senior citizens are unfortunately more susceptible to crimes and violence. There are simple steps we can take for making the community a little bit more safer for them. Here are some Apartment security guidelines to adopt inside the gate.

  • Installing CCTV cameras at all the relevant and isolated spots in the society will go a long way in ensuring that all activity is monitored. Moreover, one needs to assign dedicated personnel to watch the CCTV feeds round the clock. 
  • To track every worker going in and out of the Gates regularly, installation of biometric registration and attendance devices is a must. 
  • Setting up a tablet or PC at the gate to capture all entries and exits gives visibility to the guards and Management committee. This can prevent the entry of any undesirable persons and eliminate the possibility of any potential crimes. 
  • Manual security coupled with a digital security system can be extremely convenient for senior citizens as a visitor management system can give them the assurance that they can choose to accept or deny a visitor as per their convenience.
Apartment security guidelines

Apart from security hardware, the other elements that work perfectly well to safeguard the community are Apartment security guidelines like proper CCTV surveillance, registering workers, and a process for visitor entry/exit/stay monitoring. When it comes to people, the three pillars of security that work exceptionally well with seamless collaboration and coordination are the security staff/guards, the management committee and of course, the residents. Read more about each of their duties in apartment security here. 

Inside the flat:

Here are a few things you can do inside your flat to secure your home and go to bed every night tension free:

  • While having CCTV at the entrances and at relevant points across the society is great, a CCTV presence inside your flat will discourage any potential criminals from committing any crimes. 
  • If you move into a rented apartment, it’s a good practice to change your locks as you never know who was it’s resident and who might have access to it. Infact, keep changing your locks every few years to be on the safe side as part of your Apartment security guidelines. 
  • The balcony is one part of your home that might escape your security measures. The flats on lower floors are even more susceptible to break-ins and robberies because of their easy access. It’s good sense to install grills and prevent people or even animals from entering through the balcony. 

Read this blog to understand what you can do to protect your home when you go away on a holiday. 

5 Tips For Apartment Security and Safety

We have covered the topic of apartment security and safety multiple times, but since the world around us keeps changing every minute, it is kind of essential to stay updated about apartment safety on a regular basis. Burglars are coming up with more and more innovative ways to rob a house & dropping your guard could be dangerous.

So here are some things that you can do to make sure that your apartment stays safe at all times.

1. Strengthen overall apartment security

Individually securing your apartment sometimes isn’t enough. The entire compound needs to be better equipped to withstand every possible emergency.

Join hands with your fellow residents and discuss about setting up a system that is hard to breach. CCTVs and security guards alone are obsolete these days. An app based security system like ADDA Gatekeeper is vital for overall management & security monitoring of residential complexes.

If you do not have one already, get one installed. The benefits that the ADDA Gatekeeper brings to your apartment complex are abundant. It offers the following –

  • As it is an App based apartment security management system, it negates all the manual errors guards may commit.
  • Solid visitor management system that digitally records details of every visitor.
  • Alerts guards should a visitor overstay his/her welcome.
  • Sends instant notifications to residents about visitors which means even while away, residents will know who is dropping by.
  • Comes with an inbuilt panic alert system. If a resident is in danger, simply pressing a button sounds an alarm at the main gates and a safety contact of your choice.

2. Install a surveillance system

Even if you don’t have kids that you leave in the care of maids or too many valuables to speak of, a CCTV is recommended. The very presence of a CCTV will discourage maids and other potential criminals from committing a crime.

The ones that broadcast probably cost a little more than the ones that simply record. So you can opt of the latter, but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes.

3. Better Locks

If the apartment you live in is rented, this is all the more applicable. It makes sense to have the old lock changed to a fresh and solid one. We never know if the previous tenant has a key or not. Even otherwise, if the home is your own, having a high-end, hard to break locking system for your door is strongly recommended.

The general understanding is that units on the lower floors are more prone to burglary and crimes as opposed to higher floor units. So if your flat it is on the lower floors, make it a point to change or strengthen your locks every few years. In plenty of cases, a simple screw driver or even hair clips can be bent to form tools to pick a lock with.

4. Secure your balcony

Again, more applicable for the units in the lower floors. It does make sense to install grills or other forms of protection in your balcony to deter criminals or sometimes even animals. The doors that lead inside from the balcony too must be strengthened so that they won’t be easily picked.

5. Never drop your guard

This involves a series of things that you must do to keep yourselves and your family safe. This is just a basic set of pointers, we recommend that you get to know your neighborhood and premises better so that you know what to look out for.

  • Beware of deception crimes. Burglars often pose as utility workers to gain access to your house. Having a system like ADDA Gatekeeper can do wonders in preventing such imposters.
  • Keep copies of the ID cards your domestic staff provide. If you are not around when they come for duty, having a CCTV helps keep an eye on them.
  • Make your valuables hard to find. Don’t go for the conventional key under the pillow system. Install wall safes or lockers that are pretty hard to break.
  • Connect with your neighbors. Know who lives around you.
  • Strongly urge your residents association to install a system like ADDA Gatekeeper which not only monitors visitors and other gate-related activities, but also gives you perks like pre-checking in visitors and lots more.


In today’s times when security is starting to be considered a myth, being on your guard is vital to ensure that you and family stay safe. We cannot stress enough on the importance of having a software based solution at the gates and within to not just secure your apartment but also to bring together the residents and make for better a quality life.

We hope you found the article useful and do let us know if you have any concerns or safety tips that you would like to share. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Cheers! Click here to learn more about ADDA Gatekeeper

Consult us for choosing an appropriate security solution that suits your community best. Drop your queries at sales@adda.io or 022-48905764 to understand apartment security guidelines from experts.

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