BMC issues COVID SOPs for Societies in Mumbai City

by adda

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation – BMC, has come up with a fresh set of SOPs for housing and gated communities in light of a sudden rise in COVID-19 cases. 681 buildings and 8,790 floors have been sealed so far as more than five coronavirus-infected patients have been detected.

To know what’s allowed and not allowed in the state-wide lockdown, click here.

Here is a quick summary of the instructions for Cooperative Housing Societies issued by the BMC:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory while working in the society according to BMC.
  • While going out, everyone must make use of gloves, sanitizer and mask.
  • Children and Senior Citizens must avoid going out until absolutely necessary.
  • People should maintain a distance of six feet while communicating.
  • It’s best to avoid touching door handles or knobs, rafters, elevators, benches, vehicles.
  • BMC advised to use a tissue while using the elevator and pressing elevator buttons. Such tissues must be disposed off carefully and immediately after use.
  • Outsiders should not be given direct access to domestic help, milk and newspaper vendors, delivery persons and others.
  • Societies must ensure that temperature check, oxygen test, hand washing/ sanitizing facilities etc. are available for outsiders, helpers, drivers, garbage collectors, cleaners etc. This measure becomes easier to follow with ADDA Gatekeeper’s feature on Staff Temperature Check Record.
  • After ordering the parcel online, arrangements should be made to keep it in the same place with the security guard at the entrance of the society without ordering it directly in the society. From there, it should be sterilized and taken home. If possible, leave the parcel in the open for a few hours before taking it home. Check out this Collect-Deliveries-At-Gate Feature on ADDA for a much easier execution of this measure.
  • Vehicles should be disinfected before leaving the society.
  • Important contacts of local municipal health center, hospital, departmental control room should be prominently displayed in the society premises.
  • Any Cooperative Housing Society having more than 5 Corona positive cases will be treated as a micro Containment Zone. Such societies shall put up a board outside gate informing visitors and deny them entry.
  • All restrictions of micro-containment zones like control over ingress and egress shall be monitored by society.
  • In case of default, the society may be fined INR 10,000 in the first instance. Later instances may attract higher fines as decided by local authorities. This fine may be used to employ supervising personnel to ensure compliance with SOP by the society.
  • All CHS’s are advised to ensure that all persons coming into the building on a regular basis get their RT-PCR test done till they are vaccinated as per Government norms. ADDA’s feature on vaccination tracker will help keep a track of all vaccinated persons in the society.

For a complete list of tools on ADDA helping to fight COVID in Gated communities, read this blog.

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