Lockdown of an Apartment Complex due to Coronavirus

by Vishnu

This is part of the Running Blog post: Steps being taken by Residential Communities to fight Covid19

You may wonder what steps to take when a coronavirus positive is detected in your Community.

Here is an example to refer.

(We have X’d the community name to protect identities)


Dear residents of XYZ,

As you know, this morning we had a visit from the BBMP medical team, who surveyed all the apartments to check on number of occupants, names, health conditions and so on. Prior to that, the committee members had a meeting with them about the ongoing situation, and they have confirmed to us that there has been one confirmed case of COVID19 Virus from XYZ. The affected person is in quarantine and under observation at a hospital, and we are happy to report, in good and stable condition. Other members from the family are under strict quarantine here. They are all in good health, and all measures to support them in a safe manner have been put into place.

Given this information, we now need to lockdown the community and prevent movement of individuals in and out of the property. This will be in effect till Sunday 22nd March, at which time we will inform you of further steps to be taken.

The most important thing right now is to have everyone’s complete cooperation. We are all now out of our comfort zones, with less help in the house, inability to go to work, meet friends and family and so on, but the occasion calls for us to rise above this together, and do the right thing!

Below is some information and guidelines to be followed by all residents and staff, please read carefully:

  1. The entire property is being fumigated with the appropriate chemicals this afternoon, and we are doubling up on sanitizing all stairwells and lifts with regular intervals through the day.
  2. No one will be allowed in and out of the building until Sunday 22nd March.
  3. All house staff, drivers and cooks who come in from outside must be notified NOT to come in to work until the lockdown period is over.
  4. If you have incoming medical assistants / nurses, they will be permitted to enter on a daily basis, but you will have to notify us of their names and timings. They are required to be wearing a mask on arrival, and should be wearing gloves that they may discard at the gate, where they will be made to sanitize their hands.
  5. For all members of the community who do not have a live-in cook, and are unable to cook themselves, we are arranging for meals internally. These will be prepared by volunteers who have kindly offered to help during this period. Please reach out to us should you require assistance on this.
  6. For the next 2 days, all families must strictly self-quarantine themselves. This means not exiting the premises at all, and limiting your movements to within your own home.
  7. Walking around the building for exercise is ok, but do not walk with folks from other homes, only your family members or alone. You must wear a mask when doing so, and do not stop to chat with others. For individuals who have recently returned from abroad, you must not walk outside and stay within the house.
  8. We understand that you may need to stock up on supplies, we recommend ordering online for delivery. It will be dropped off at the front gate, from where you can pick it up. If any individuals are unable to order online or by phone, please reach out to us and we will help facilitate this.
  9. Residents, children and live-in staff must not be allowed to gather in the garden or other common areas.
  10. For people who do not have house help and require assistance, please reach out to the Committee members and we will find a way to solve your problem.
  11. If you have any infants or elders in the home, you should look at separating them in their own quarters/rooms as much as possible, with minimal contact.
  12. Should you find that you are experiencing a cold, sore throat, fever and coughing, do not panic. You must just ensure to seclude yourself from the rest of the family, and you can reach out to us for advice. Rushing to a hospital may not be necessary unless the illness is severe. But should you feel the requirement to go to the hospital, please notify us and we will help expedite this by ambulance.
  13. Should anyone find out that they are affected by the COVID19 virus, please let the committee know immediately so we can help with required steps. Do not be afraid or ashamed to mention it, it is the biggest help that can be given, and all will appreciate it.

Please keep in mind that the confirmed case in the building is not the main issue we are dealing with, it is all the possible unidentified virus carriers amongst us. Any one of us can be potentially spreading the virus without knowing it, and for that reason precisely, we must isolate ourselves and act responsibly.

The Government and the BBMP are doing their part to contain the virus, but nothing will work unless every citizen proactively acts to make it all work. Mortality rates are very low, and the vast majority of affected people recover just fine, so we have no reason to panic, and every reason to be smart.

Thanking you for your immediate cooperation,

XYZ Committee

For any emergencies or help:

For any food related queries:

If you are feeling down and need to hear a joke:

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Date: March 18, 2020

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