Free Apartment/Society Management App


We are delighted to announce that ADDA is giving an Essential Free Society Management App for all Gated Communities. Times are changing, the way communities function is changing. Social distancing is becoming the norm. Now is the time for communities, yes all residential communities to take their management online.

The best part – NO HIDDEN CHARGES, absolutely No Strings Attached.

Free apartment/society management app
ADDA Society Management App

ADDA Free Apartment/Society Management App – What Does It Mean?

The Essential App gives you access to all the basic society/apartment management necessities in managing a community.

But wait! With the second wave of COVID-19 and Vaccination available for the public, ADDA recognized and understood the needs of community residents during such a time and launched the Quarantine Tracker and Vaccination Tracker.

In line with the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the state, we are arming you with the ultimate FREE COVID ESSENTIALS PACK to fight back and safeguard your community from the virus. Now, this pack comes with two new additions – ADDA’s Quarantine Tracker and Vaccination Tracker.

  • Home Quarantine Tracker: The moment there is a COVID positive case in the community and the unit is quarantined, users can inform everyone in the community of the same through this feature. Once the quarantine period is over, the Quarantined unit stops showing under the Quarantine Tracker. You can read more about this feature here.
Quarantine Tracker - apartment/society management app
  • COVID Vaccination Tracker: With the much awaited COVID-19 vaccination now being administered to the public, our free society management app has a COVID Vaccination Tracker feature which comes in handy. It’s a simple feature where residents who have received their dose can mark themselves as vaccinated. This gives complete visibility to all other residents and also encourages other residents to get their dose. Thus, it takes the community one step closer to a COVID-free zone. This will serve as a perfect feature from May 1st as everyone above 18 years of age will be eligible for Coronavirus vaccine. You can read more about how you can use this feature here.
Vaccination Tracker - apartment/society management app
  • Official Announcement: If these unpredictable times have taught us anything, then that is the importance of authentic communication. The state and central government have issued a new set of guidelines which must be followed by everyone. It’s the duty of Management Communities to update and pass on every helpful piece of information to all residents. This free apartment management app is here to help you have a healthy communication network in your community or neighborhood. Residents and MC’s can conduct polls, get their queries resolved and have discussions over vital issues. And don’t worry, your communication is visible only in your ADDA network. It’s a private social network, not accessible to users outside your community or neighborhood.
Free society management app
Everything A User Can Do With The Communication Feature
  • Access To Essential Services From Local Vendors : Right on top of the home screen, you see the Discover train. Discover is a marketplace for residents. In the wake of COVID-19, this feature and platform has evolved to become a connecting space for users and local vendors. Medicine delivery, grocery delivery, COVID 19 test, COVID Vaccination, doctor teleconsultation, laundry services, sanitisation services – name it and it’s on Discover. You can know more about Discover services and how they work, right here.
Discover feature - apartment/society management app
Accessing Discover

The Essential ADDA App is available for use to residential communities all across. Whether you are a user in an apartment community, or housing society or gated community or even a private layout, you qualify to use the free society management App. New Associations, Associations going through Builder Handovers are perfect candidates for this App. Better still, it’s okay if your community uses a different software platform, you can still use the ADDA App. The bonus : This version of the App is usable even when the COVID Crisis is a thing of the past. We are here to make your life easier.

Click here to get started with the free ADDA Essential Pack for Society Management.

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