Choose The Best Gate Pass Management System in India

Best Touchless Gate Management System in India That You Must Choose in 2022

I visited a housing society today for the first time. No sooner had I entered the main gate than the security chief started probing my personal data, photos, and even patronage which kind of left me uncomfortable. He informed me it’s too risky to let go. The idea of a society gate pass management system completely changed in my head. But on its flipside, I noticed how innovation torqued a rapid change in the gate security system as the guard operated seamlessly without a paper-and-pen visitor sign-in log.

Although that guard extracted sets of information and informed the resident in ⅓ time as before, one couldn’t help but question if privacy is in safe hands or open to future spamming. This is the catch for modern communities in which the premises of gate as well as visitor management system is heading towards where sharing personal data can turn.

With the high-rise of modern gated communities and residential apartment complexes, the basic parameters of ‘security’, and ‘patrolling’ are not limited to neighbor caution or security agencies. Coming to 2022, as the world tackles a virus, society gates are still at the helm of visitor management – much to the fuss of long queues, risky entries, and real-time logging of both. 


Modern Consumer Catch for Gate Pass Management System in Community Living

Prior to grasping the consumer catch for gate security systems, let us understand the advent of the entire gate management process in communities. As hundreds of families live together, acquainting footfalls also increase manifold through the main gate. One cannot tackle this by simply prohibiting residents from getting home help or vendor facilities as the foundation of any community gate pass management system is built upon tracking the known from the unknown to secure community luxury with safety. But the more amount of visitors enter, the higher are the security or infection concerns.

As per a recent ADDA survey, “65% of residents chose apartment living solely due to safety while 73% still seek enhanced security.” This is why ADDA stresses the urgent need for contactless gate management services, now with the pandemic at bay. 

The consumer basis for subscribing to a modern gate security system begins with addressing that standard difference between ‘security’ and ‘safety’, often used interchangeably. As opposed to the touchy tedious pen-ledger model, the community gate pass management system (GMS) process comprises managing, monitoring, and streamlining the entire gate logs of residents, vehicles, visitors, and other related services in a touchless automated manner.

Therefore, this workstation also opens space for admins to directly skim through the single integrated cloud-based gate management database and take quick actions without resorting to unwarranted manual entries of the guard. 

The sole reason why digitizing gate management security is a blessing for large 200+ unit gated communities is that it seamlessly bridges that gap between security and safety, urged by a micro individual in a macro community. What’s more to this catch is that the residents as well as high-pressured MC/RWAs are now rest assured of the operational effectiveness of housing security personnel who would otherwise lead them to inconvenienced jam-packed queues, compromised check-ins & outs as well as headaches of data brokering. 

Just so you know, more than 50% of housing societies in India have opened gates for tech or the other way around. If you’re still skeptical of the real-time applications of a digitized & touchless gate pass management system for apartments and clueless about which gate management app/service to choose to align your security needs, keep reading further. 


A Gate Security System Overview

What to Eye for in a Gate Security System in 2022?

The basis of a gate pass management system for apartments goes a mile back to security guards manning entry/exit points and registering visitor logs manually. Thereafter, with the rise of amenities and facilities in housing societies, CCTV surveillance & hi-tech integrations became paramount to contain risks which gave momentum to the Automatic Gate Pass System, an eyecatcher of any modern gate management software. 

Although any traditional gate security system operated to safeguard residents and vehicles mostly, 96% of MCs in modern communities opined to face security risks arising out of staff, vendors, and daily emergencies.

Thus, the front-end-back-end connectivity of any gate security system shifted beyond the visitor management system model and gave birth to the #NoNonsense Gatekeeper. So, if you’re looking for a premium yet affordable gate pass management system, time to avail the wide array of ADDA Gatekeeper features, which will impact security with hardware, software, and human integrations.


QR Code Guard Patrolling

1. Mitigating Emergencies with QR-Code Guard Patrolling

Shyam supervises a gate security system for apartments and mans the main entry/exit front desk. However, as he compromised area patrolling one day, a perpetrator sneaked in under his nose to the society garden and posed threats to women and children after dark. Upon investigation, Shyam failed to give reports on this breach to the admins, and the perpetrator escapes. Shyam’s shortsightedness is the result of a gate pass management system used halfway.

But with ADDA Gatekeeper now, QR Code Guard Patrolling comes into effect where scanning QR codes placed on every checkpoint must be completed to record patrolling and ensure admins with real-time backend data. Guards can also now do Incident Reporting live from the location and update incident reports on the app instantly by using voice-recording options, later which admins can access from the ADDA cloud portal with real-time insights to mitigate regrets. 

Does guard patrol alone enough to mitigate emergencies in a community of 100+ units? While a guard can report live incident logs for unforeseen dangers, he can also make wrong entries on the gate or overlook close problems under pressure. Thus, residents can now also use the Panic Alert feature to seek emergency assistance from nearest guards, neighbors, etc with a single tap. Even security personnel are provided with Emergency Contacts of hospitals, fire brigades, police through ADDA’s gate pass management system to make quick actions during emergencies.

Visitor Management

2. Visitors, Guests, or Anybody In?

Let’s take Sam who works from home and his old boss, Brandon will be visiting his apartment for the first time today. Neither does Sam want the guard to bother Brandon by asking for his personal information nor he could preapprove Brandon’s entry with his society app. Sam accompanies Brandon from the main gate, which delays his own work.

Now, Sam orders food from a delivery app. Moments later, the guard checks in Sam’s delivery person along with another outlet delivery. Both enter at the same timestamp. Both orders are from neighboring units. Post 20 minutes, Sam’s delivery guy comes back while the other person is not to be seen. 

A visitor management system can cause major security concerns as gate dynamics are involved viz. identifying each entry/exit, guest log-ins, resident authentication, faster gate queue management, timestamping, etc. ADDA GateKeeper does much more to cloud-based gate security by verifying each visitor’s information with data privacy in the world of visitor management for admins like Sam and security guards to prevent such scenarios.

  • Residents can easily approve/deny visitor entries sent instantly through 3-fold visitor notifications upon their arrival. 
  • The Preapprove Guest feature is a major turn-on for ADDA gate management app users as data sharing isn’t mandatory and expected guests enter with a Unique Code sent to them with other apartment address details. 
  • With this enhanced gate security system, guards can also tally the Visitor List to report wrong entries or prompt missing visitor entries.
  • Unauthorized entries or visitors impersonating residents can be easily prevented as each resident is authenticated with Resident ID Card option on the GateKeeper app.
  • The cloud-based ADDA Gatekeeper GMS also automates several options like IVR & GSM calling against notifications, intercom calling to verify visitors.  
  • Security guards will also be able to timestamp visitors and call them directly from the app for overstaying inside beyond an admin-set time limit with the Overstay Alert option.
Staff Management for Gates

3. Community Call for Staff Management at Gates

Are you someone failing to keep track of daily house help? Let’s understand how a visitor management system for apartments can ensure staff dynamics with peace in this case. So, Suchitra is an officer who works away from home. Being a single working mother, she needs caretaking aid for her 12-year daughter. She appointed Sreela, a nanny, and keeps a tab on her daily. One day upon reaching home, she finds her kid alone and her favorite toy missing. Upon verification, the guard couldn’t confirm Suchitra’s suspicion. She had experienced such cases earlier too but didn’t cut Sreela’s salary for attendance.

Later, Sreela calls to inform her that she had tested positive and had to leave hurriedly. Although Suchitra adjusted to the nanny’s problems earlier as it was hard to find her alternative, this time she failed to track safety in terms of her child’s well-being as well as contamination. 

It’s evident how no gate pass management system is incomplete without notifying residents with proper check-in/outs of domestic help along with supporting details. Having no alternatives on the community staff list, busy workers like Suchitra can be duped by home helpers due to a lack of gate verification as well as staff data neglect. But, with ADDA Gatekeeper, both residents and security guards can mutually ensure smooth staff management –

  • Configure ADDA app’s Staff Notifications to get instantly updated on the entry/exit of your maid, cook, or nanny. Rest assured that guards only allow Authorized Staff in. 
  • Manage biometric Staff Attendance and pay the right salary by easily checking their monthly attendance as well as daily entry/exit shift details in a calendar view.
  • Worried about finding an alternative? With Gatekeeper’s Staff Reviews feature, now get access to the community staff list and easily choose new help by neighbor reviews.
  • Thanks to the Gift Pass gate management add-on that help guards in verifying goods being carried out by staff based on approval notes from residents, reducing chances of theft, staff suspicion within the community. 
  • Security guards can also maintain society safety protocols by using the Blacklist Staff option. The GateKeeper App raises an alarm if a blacklisted staff tries to enter forcefully. This feature takes center stage in the pandemic to prohibit contaminated entries. 
Vehicle Management for Gates

4. Mr. Guard, You Let Him Park In My Spot?

Managing vehicle units and resident takeover of parking slots are of major surveillance concerns for any gate security system. A guard missing out on the vehicle directory can lead to serious parking disputes due to a lack of incident reporting in large societies. Let’s take a basic scenario, for instance, Veer lives in a 500+ units society, and being a busy traveler, he parks his car usually at A-3, which is nearer to his unit. He also pays higher maintenance than other residents for this facility.

One day while coming after work, he finds an unidentified vehicle parked in his spot and inquires of the guard for its owner. Having no parking directory, the guard fails to identify the owner directly and Veer had to compromise his facility after a tiring day. The question still stands, “How did security let someone else park in Veer’s spot?”

To solve vehicle mismanagement or unauthorized parking, ADDA GateKeeper’s cloud-based gate security system for communities is a no-nonsense solution where guards can resolve such problems with Live Incident Reporting to the concerned residents as well as the MCs, who can take steps to strengthen the parking security processes and prevent repetitions of such incidents. 

  • Security guards can directly resolve unidentified/displaced parking disputes by verifying the resident’s vehicle, unit, and other parking details using GateKeeper’s Directory feature.
  • By using ADDA’s gate management app, guards can also make direct phone calls to the concerned resident for solving urgent parking or other resident complaints. 
  • Guards with vehicle information can pose external threats, therefore GateKeeper adheres to necessary data security and privacy protocols to ensure zero data misusage.
Collect Deliveries at Gate

5. Visitor Virus Management System for Gates

With the COVID-19 surge for over a year now, gone are the days of manual pen-ledger gate pass management systems for communities. As touchless visitor management has become the new normal, gate management apps are gaining momentum with a tech-enabled visitor management software. ADDA GateKeeper comes right into the picture that both residents and RWAs are demanding to retain in their societies even in a post-COVID world.

So, before paying, make sure your cloud-based gate pass management system can tackle both visitors and viruses. 

  • Residents can now use the Collect Delivery at Gate feature in the ADDA GateKeeper app by directly providing the verified OTP to the guard for the parcel, thereby, decreasing the traffic of outsiders (delivery agents) within the community.
  • Gate Broadcast is another contactless gate management feature for MCs/RWAs which enables them to send broadcast messages to each resident upon arrival of group orders like veggies, fruits, groceries from third-party vendors.
  • As the Govt. circulated, recording vaccination status and live temperature of visitors is equally important at the community gates. ADDA GateKeeper does both. The Fully Vaccinated feature only allows visitors who have taken both doses. On the other hand, the Staff Temperature Check Record feature allows the guard to record the body temperature of both domestic and office staff right at the main gate to avoid possible COVID contamination inside. 
  • Both residents and admins can use the quick-n-easy Home Quarantine Tracker in the GateKeeper App as residents can self-declare quarantine in their unit, which in turn, can be viewed by the admin members to send emergency support or goodwill. 

Should You Pay for ADDA Gate Pass Management System in 2023?

Now that you’ve understood what a modern touchless gate security system for apartments is and how the features of ADDA GateKeeper fit into that context, it’s essential to ask why should you pay for it when there are several other apps on the market. What makes ADDA GateKeeper a holistic package for societies in 2022 is that it’s not built upon the advertisement model of selling admin data to bridge the revenue gap as visible in most gate management apps, rather focuses on the timeless 360° SaaS gate security system.

On the other hand, as security breaches and errors don’t come with fixed patterns, our product constantly adds enhancements and bug fixes to deter A-Z gate security issues pitched by a resident or an MC member. No wonder why, in the last two quarters, over 26 lakhs of monthly visitor check-ins were seamlessly completed on the ADDA GateKeeper App. 

So, whether you’re a new/existing gate management app user, contact us now to deploy or migrate to ADDA GateKeeper for up to 60 days. Call us at 022-48905764 or mail at for a free comprehensive demo on its relevance to your gate security needs.

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