Preserve Privacy of Guests. Phone Numbers not Mandatory.

Over past few weeks, there have been serious concerns related to data privacy of Visitors, specially Guests. The main concern was the personal Contact Details of the Guests that gets…

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Apartment Maintenance Bill

Pay Apartment Maintenance Bill at ZERO additional cost

Apartment Maintenance Bills, Utility Bills, Facility Booking Charges, Move-In/Out Charges, Sinking Fund and other relevant Dues to the Association can now be paid at 0 convenience charges! On ADDA –…

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RFID vs ANPR - for your Apartments Gate

A Guide to Automated Vehicle Entry(RFID, ANPR) at your Apartments Gate

Are you looking to Automate the Vehicle Entry using RFID, ANPR etc at your Gated Community / Apartments Gate? Are you looking for this system to work seamlessly with your…

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Why Say No To A Free Product?

If something is coming for Free, why not use it? If you get a plastic pen for free in a conference, you may take it and use it. If it…

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Winners of the ADDA Rise High Awards 2018

Were you searching for the ADDA Rise High Awards 2018 results?! Well, it ends right here as we finally have the Winners! The ADDA Rise High Awards, A.K.A, the Oscars…

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Young Tutors in your Apartment Complex

During my school days in Kolkata, many High School and College Students used to offer tuition classes for School Children. These Young Tutors received the below benefits through offering Tuitions:…

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Software to Make Gated Communities Secure for Children

This is an extension of the Blog: Make Gated Communities Secure for Children. Here is a List of how ADDA Gatekeeper  – Visitor Management System for Apartment Community can be the…

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Make Gated Communities Secure for Children

A 12-year-old child. Raped by 17 Men. For 7 months. In a Gated Community. All of us who have read this news would have first tried to hold back tears,…

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On 25-May-2018 the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will become effective. GDPR changes the way organisations handle personal data of European Union citizens, and non-compliance with GDPR can cost…

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8 Tips to be the Rockstar Apartment Association Member

Did you just get elected into the Apartment Association of your Apartment/Villa Community? Congratulations! You get the opportunity of running a small town. The opportunity to build a small prototype…

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